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Tips For Attending College In Tennessee

Tennessee has some of the best colleges and universities in the country. If you are planning on attending one of these schools, your best bet is to be as prepared as possible.

Getting the most out of school relies on having excellent time management skills. You need to find a balance between studying and having fun. If you spend all of your time studying and worrying about school, you will wind up stressed and unhappy. At the same time, if you spend all of your time partying or relaxing, your schoolwork will suffer, resulting in subpar grades.

Setting a strict schedule for yourself can be a great way to manage your time so that you can have fun and do well in your classes. When developing your schedule, be sure to include time for relaxation and entertainment...

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Top 5 Plantation Homes to Visit in Tennessee

If you’re heading south to Dixie, you can’t miss an opportunity to tour some of the most beautiful antebellum plantation homes in the country. From working farms to presidential mansions, each of these homes played a role in American history that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Travellers Rest Plantation and Museum, Nashville

The home of Judge John Overton, close friend and confidant of President Andrew Jackson, is the oldest mansion in Nashville that can still be toured by the public. Built in 1799, this Federal style home is a step back in time that shouldn’t be missed.

John Carter Mansion, Elizabethtown

The John Carter Mansion, built between 1775 and 1780, is the oldest standing frame house in the state of Tennessee...

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